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Harvey Dent, District Attorney [The Dark Knight]
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Who is Harvey Dent?
The Gotham Times tried to answer this question with a four column bio that filled the front page of the Metro Section. They touched on all the basics. Middle Class background, Father a cop, mother a housewife. Parents both dead when he was a teenager, Gotham City University, Graduated with majors in Pre-Law and History. Attended Law School at the State University, Top of his class, appointment as a clerk to a superior court Judge. Appointment to the Internal Affairs Division of the Gotham District Attorney's Office-Appointed DA after a record turnout with a 93% win. He was a man on his way to the top and who knew the last stop might even be the white house.

Dating? Nothing serious. Hobbies? well he ran around the resovoir near his apartment twice daily and used the gym near his office three times a week but nothing substantial so the answer to the hobbies question was no. They were like his low-fat high protein diet, tools to increase his performance. But he was handsome, as handsome as Bruce Wayne, as handsome as any leading man in Hollywood. And while he didn't dance and wasn't very good at small talk he was capable of moving through any social or political situation.
They concluded the profile with a two-column color photograph. Handsome? Oh yes indeed.

-The Dark Knight (Movie Novelization)

· Harvey Dent is a treasure in Gotham. He's Normal
· He's just, he's not perfect but he does the best that he can, and he cares.
· It's too bad that in this place, truly just men end up giving into madness.
In short, he's screwed.

Harvey Dent, attorney at law is a Gotham City resident who's been living there (canonically) since the 1930s. The facts that you need to know are these: He's slightly unbalanced (but y'know, so's everyone in this godforsaken city),he's utterly devoted to justice, he's a little scary (truly just people are y'know) and he's got a nick name that Batman, Gotham City, and the Batman Fandom at large will come to fear...and to pity.


Harvey Two-Face.

He doesn't let it bother him though. When someone stands in the way of true Justice you simply push them aside to get things done. Gotham is not beyond saving and with the help of Batman and Rachel Dawes (not Wayne, He's an idiot)and Gordon, Harvey thinks that it really is possible. They could remake this city into something beautiful, a real camelot. He just has to take down the Mob, their psychotic clown, and whatever else stands in his way.

Good luck with that.

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